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Social Login

The most secure social media login APIs

The social networks became additional sensitive to the rising variety of the users. We tend to build social media apps & websites with the Social Login options that get further safety features integrated like secure networking, https integration, OTP and email verification, secure word structure, economical admin panel management etc. Our team of developers has done a deep and in depth analysis of user behavior on numerous social networks and also the sorts of options that square measure needed for and additional secure Login feature.

User Comments

User Comments privacy and moderation

The user comments may be tempered in line with the audience or users the corporate has. With most algorithms, it's become simple to place moderation into comments and prohibit bound sorts of offensive words or phrases. Social application development lets the users that comment set the privacy on the visibility of the comment. The comments will solely be visible to audience set by the user. The users will set the various set of privacy options for comments visibility.

Video & Text Chating

Secure and Private Chat Boxes

Users will send or receive multiple messages in sort of texts, pictures or videos to alternative users additional firmly and in camera. Live streaming of video feeds is additionally a feature which will be integrated in line with the need by the corporate. The photos and videos shared amongst users square measure hold on during a secure network store wherever all the files square measure secure and viewed. Our social media app developers make sure that videos and pictures of top quality and resolutions may be shared with ease, and managed firmly.


Create and Manage Events

Events happening in and around you'll be viewed in line with this location, friends visiting the place etc. you'll produce custom events and invite may be sent to completely different users. Events embrace all types of vital info needed like date, venue, the amount of users attending, privacy of data etc. we are able to develop a social media app for android, iPhones and web wherever the events may be shared and users will share all the data. Managing the event is straightforward with the social platforms because it has all necessary info needed regarding the person attending the event.

Live Video Sharing

Live Video Streaming and Podcasts

Live streaming of videos amongst users and followers may be done on real time basis wherever live comments and likes may be shared. Through our android and iPhones social networking app development, a video may be shared with none quite lag within the quality till network issue. Podcasts, wherever live interaction is completed among user and followers, is way effective with the social networks developed these days. The live streaming feature lets the user move with the users move on real time basis.

Location Based Platform

Proximity Social Networking

Users will share their location with alternative users on the social platforms exploitation map integration and GPS Apis that square measure embedded into the social net application. With the proximity social networking, users will Search period of time Feeds with the important time information of their connections on the social platform. Social network development for firms lets them live client expertise, gather social information, have interaction and target customers through the social platform developed specially for his or her desires.

Social Media Ads

Showcase your product or service’s Ads

With the rising variety of users on social media, the businesses currently have a way higher platform for displaying their ads. User interaction is best within the social platforms; users bump into several ads on their feed that really turns into a conversion for several industries. Social media development by our developers conjointly provides an improved platform for firms for displaying their ads, The Ads that may really move with the users and make a complete awareness among them.


Proximity Social Networking

Create teams & custom lists etc from the list of the chums and followers to focus on completely different set of individuals. Manage the list in line with age, sex, location, college, education etc that must be targeted. Notice common and mutual friends; get friend list suggestions etc in line with your interaction with others. Manage the audience for the posts that you just build and post privacy. Social media application development with us can assist you in obtaining all the necessities consummated.

Notifications Feed

Showcase your product or service’s Ads

The social media web site and app needs having an unflawed flexibility in its notification section therefore the users will established live feed table notifications, switch on/off feed notifications on their account and manage post notifications etc. Operators will manage RSS feed with push notifications and schedule notifications for his or her followers after they wish. IPhones social networking app development by our developers is ensured with the very fact that the notification panel is structured in line with the need.

Invite Friends

Proximity Social Networking

Our mobile application development has captive on the far side feature development. We tend to do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their issues. Our mobile application development has captive on the far side feature development. We tend to do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their issues. Our mobile application development has captive on the far side feature development. We tend to do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their issues.

Online Polling

Live Polls for any Event

Displaying live polls on the wall a bit like Twitter and Facebook, wherever users will vote for his or her decisions on-line. This technique attracts user interaction and helps in obtaining their insights a couple of explicit topic. This is often conjointly a robust tool for market growth through attracting guests through numerous social platforms to your page or wall. The businesses sometimes do on-line polls for surveys, marketing, user interaction etc to draw in several users.