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APPTech Mobile is carpooling app Development Company providing high quality, penurious services according to your custom mobile app requirements. We have developed many ride-sharing apps India with advanced features for Android & IOS platform. A taxi entrepreneur who wants to run carpooling startup then it is a beneficial option for them to get a developed to help you in expanding their business. We provide carpooling app development service for all small and big ventures for their users to share a ride. Being the top carpooling app developers, we provide you quality rich services; and to fulfill your needs, our competent team is continuously working towards building great user experience.

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Amazing Features

You can Track your carpooling status and make any inquiry.

GPS Tracking

Track the location of your taxi via which route you are going.

Cab’s arrival status

Users can check the time the cab will take to arrive.

Booking Information

Manage real-time booking information and fare calculation.

Rate your Ride

Users can give reviews and rating to their driver, and share feedback.

Offline mode

The user can use this app smoothly in offline mode also.

Easily manageable

The user can easily manage the app functions with its simple UI

Long Distance Ride-Sharing App

Hitch a Ride for a Distance you prefer.

Register: We create apps with the feature of registration; you can register yourself with all your account details.

Live tracking: we offer you the features like tracking the availability of drivers; discover the route which you have to take. As the cab is booked, update the cab live status on the app, such as the starting of the cab, arrival of the cab, starting and ending of the journey.

Set Location: Passengers can set their pickup and drop location by setting the destination on the map or through Google Places.

Pickup Location: Passengers can set their location by setting the destination on the map or through Google Places.

Select Cab Type: Through these features, you can select the cab according to your choice including details such as price per KM, the price charged per minute waiting and minimum fare for each kind of cab, passenger capacity.

Fare Calculator: Fare calculation user can get an estimation of fare between Pick-up point and Destination point using Google API’s.

Live Tracking: As the cab is booked, the passenger can update the cab live on their app from the initial stage itself, such as the starting of the cab, arrival of the cab, starting and ending of the journey.

Review and Rating: We are providing you a special feature for passengers to write reviews and give rating; hence they can rate the driver and write the textual review about their experience.



Rideshare App

Build a ride-sharing app India

Driver Registration : With this feature, a driver can register from the mobile app directly but admin approval is also included.

Status: Drivers have to maintain the travelers booking status if a traveler is going to book or cancel the ride. Also If reached pickup point; and completion of the journey.

Booking history: Driver has to report all rides history.

Backend API’s: Developed By Developers according To Carpooling app Requirements

  • Map API
  • Social Media API
  • Payment Gateway
  • Login with Facebook
  • Multi language support
  • See estimated time of taxi arrival.

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We Provide Carpooling App Development Service For All Small And Big Ride Sharing Businesses