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Home Delivery of Medicines

Ask for Medicines Home Delivery through app

We give medical applications and sites to medical web based business organizations by incorporating highlights for home conveyance of prescriptions. Home conveyance highlight can give clients a chance to choose area through guide mix in the application and the site. Clients can check the time required for conveyance of prescriptions from neighborhood store through area following on maps. Clients can arrange drugs online through medical online business applications. We create online prescription applications and sites for physicist home delivery and pharmaceutical home delivery from nearby therapeutic stores.

Order History

Check Previous Orders & Manage Prescriptions

Request history segment gives the clients a chance to keep individual wellbeing records and check past solutions they have taken for specific issue. Medicinal app and site designers can create applications that let clients re-arrange past medical recommended for them and proceed with their pharmacist. They can plan arrange services for next medicine through the web& mobile application. They can track their medication consumption with the request history and remaining pharmaceuticals. The application and site gives them a chance to send records of past requests to specialists.

Store Locator

Online Medical Store Locator

Neighborhood medicinal stores close-by can be followed by the application through guide and area API that will demonstrate every medical store that is recorded on the guide. This gives the clients a chance to maintain a strategic distance from get solutions when they are voyaging or in crises. Our Android and iOS engineers give medicinal application development that gives the client a chance to find a medical store in their city. Guide incorporation gives them a chance to see separation and time to the area of the store.

Pill Reminder

Pill Reminder app for iOS & Android

The medical application development by our designers gets an element of reminding for pills amid the time. Clients can set data about the pill on the application and can set the time they need the patient to take the pill. It enables the patients to take pills on time and abstain from skipping it. The patients not taking medicines as recommended on time by the application that spare their wellbeing.


Online Pharmacy Tools

Clients have all the tools provided online to a powerful wellbeing record upkeep. The online drug store gives them a chance to arrange refill for their remedies, check their present meds and so on. They can include notes in the scratch pad device gave and check the wellbeing information of a patient. This is a speedy method to deal with the wellbeing record of a patient on the web. Hire medicinal designers who are knowledgeable about creating mobile applications for clinics and drug stores.

Quick Order through Prescription

Medical Ecommerce Apps & Websites

Our designers have significant involvement in creating on the web online business applications and sites for medical items and drug stores who offer online. Clients can rapidly arrange through the rundown gave web and mobile application and can pay internet utilizing numerous installment choices coordinated in the app& site. Drug specialists can show the medication menu on the application to feature their items. Item index can be overseen productively with the solid backend framework that is given the application. Hire medical application and web developers for all stages on web and cell phones.

Live Doctor Consultation

Healthcare Web Applications for Doctors

We create medical applications for specialists who can deal with their patients' records on the applications and oversee exceptional ID for every patient. They will have specific wellbeing record for every patient by which they can determine the status of his wellbeing change. Patients can counsel the specialist online through visit or video calls with the highlights that can be incorporated according to prerequisite. Patients can keep in contact with the specialists with the application to have consistent medicine given.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Health App & Website Development Company

Deal with the meds data, wellbeing records, remedy history and so on with the application and have unequivocal control over the patients' wellbeing. Check adjacent drug stores, alter settings of the application, and offer data through social APIs or SMS. Clients can look for specialists in the city for particular medicines and prerequisites. Hire medical application developers who are capable in building custom applications for clinics, specialists, drug specialists, wellness and human services industry.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications for Mobile Apps

A push notice is a message that flies up on a cell phone. Application distributers can send them whenever; clients don't need to be in the application or utilizing their gadgets to get them. This gives the notice a chance to remain on the notice board until the point when the client swipes it away. Those clients who have introduced the application on their mobiles can get auspicious notice for updates, arrangements, medicines, pills, remedies and so forth. Extensible push warning outline gives the developers a chance to make extraordinary client encounter through which clients can get ideal data.

Chat With Pharmasit

Chat Boxes enabled for mobile apps

With the chat box combination on the application, patients can visit with the drug specialists in regards to solutions, medicines, and meeting. Drug specialists can send data about the solutions and refresh the patients. Patients can determine the status of requests, check medicines, check specialist accessibility and so forth with the application. We create application and sites for drug specialists and drug stores. Get the data about the contact data about the drug specialist and scan for different drug specialists on the application.

Prescription Submission

Prescription Submission through the app & website

Patients can submit medicine data to the drug specialist or specialists and they can audit the data. Specialists can simply refresh the remedy data and change it with the patient IDs. We create medical applications and sites of a kind that let the correspondence between specialists and patients go smooth. We have committed group of designers who are capable in building up different web applications for custom necessities from medicinal services businesses

Appointment booking

Doctor Appointment & Availability

Look for specialists around you and keep an eye on the arrangement status and whether the specialists are accessible at the opportune time. Hunt specialists as per the classification and the division they have a place. Arrangements can be reserved online through the application or site for specific specialist as indicated by the appropriate time. Updates can be determined to the application for specialists' accessibility and hold up list status. Patients can see all data about the specialist, for example, their healing facility, center, address, contact and so forth.