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Social Network App Development for Readers

APPTech Mobile is an Android and iOS app Development Company dealing in the development of library management system apps and readers’ social network for Android and iOS. We create an online social network for books and an app that lets users store details about the books they are issuing and reading. Library managers can use this app to keep all the data about the library inventory and people who have issued books. We develop best apps for selling or buying books online. Users can connect with their friends using social media APIs integrated into the app and see the books they are reading. Users can get news about new books launched and review them.

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Best App for Selling Books

Social Networking Apps and Sites for Book Lovers

We provide app development services according to your custom app requirement. You can make your own media network for grow your own book business. Users can know in which store a book is available and can directly place orders. Photos of Books can be easily uploaded and shared among the network. The user market is a place where all the books are listed and everyone can see them.

Amazing Features

Get notification every time you have like or comment on your post or receive messages.

Borrow/Lend a Book

Users can lend or borrow a book from their friends.

Book Review/Details

Users can see reviews about books and their reviews.

My Library

Users can manage their collection of books under My Library section.

Chat Option

Users can discuss with friends using chat option available in the app.


Create your Community of people with same interest in books.

Share and Read

Users can share their books among friends and read.

Mobile Book Apps for Android and iOS

Create an online library management system

Manage and read books and share among friends. Write reviews of books and search with filters. Our online book app developers are proficient at building an app that has a lot of functionality and features.APPTech Mobile creates apps that can lead to the growth of your business and let you reach a wider market space through mobile phones. We ensure top notch security features that protect personal information.Get an app developed for your business by our developers who work on large and small scale projects. APPTech Mobile has built a reputation where the clients praise our services and offerings.

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Features Of library books management App

Borrow/Lend a book    Book review/ Details    My Library    Chat Option    Community    Share and read    Manage Book and Member record    Suggest items    Multiple Library Setup