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We work towards creating an AngularJS web design that is radically leading edge and progressively designed to drive more force towards clients' enterprise engagements. Our developers with rich industry experience have been using AngularJS technology for robust web application for more than 8 years. And having got that much experience, they have built an array of strategies they apply for using AngularJS web application development. We have always been keen to hire AngularJS developers who have expertise with diverse industries and have worked for all verticals. They apply their own rules and agendas for developing a reinforced design for clients' projects.

Being a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework, AngularJS is far more flexible than its predecessors and has extensible functionality for users around the globe. AngularJS was developed by Google in 2010 mainly for development of Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architectures. Our team of AngularJS developers has built proficiency in making projects on this platform through its community support and contributions. They provide extended MVC development on AngularJS for enterprise solutions. We have cost-effective modules for various projects on AngularJS. Our developers provide 24/7 assistance to global clients and flexible hiring modules for client centric engagement and competitive advantage.

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AngularJS Developer Hiring Module

Monthly /Weekly Hiring

Get dedicated AngularJS developer on monthly or weekly hiring with monthly/weekly payment module.

Use this package for projects where sharing specific requirement document is not possible.

Hourly Module

Billing on hourly basis as per the time consumed by the team for development and designing.

Use this module if you know what tasks needs to be done and require developer for support and modifications.

Fixed cost Module

Share the requirement and wireframe details with us get a fixed cost for complete development.

Use it if you have complete requirement specs and mock-up.

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