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Workout Plan

Workout routine apps

We give day by day exercise applications and exercise diary applications that show legitimate exercise procedures and techniques set by the teacher for the clients to take after. The exercise site or mobile application can get different highlights coordinated that can demonstrate the ideal arrangement for different weight gatherings. The engineers' group has unique experience of making such applications for social insurance customers. We have the financially savvy asset for your necessities and prerequisites.

Exercise Video

Video API integration

Our designers are capable in making gym workout applications that can indicate different exercise recordings to clients with mixed media APIs, YouTube API and other online video libraries. This aide is seeing the correct procedures with genuine utilization by experts. The online wellness mentor can transfer recordings on the server and the clients can watch the video by signing in to the application or site through messages, web-based social networking accounts and so forth.

Calorie Calculator

Calorie chart & history

The calorie graph history will show the measure of calories consumed by the client. The clock and the sensor APIs that are coordinated into the application compute the calories. This will show the aggregate advance made by the client and that he is so near his objective. We have built up a few day by day exercise applications and exercise clock applications for numerous wellbeing mentors and gym trainers before. Our administration module can be changed and the enlisting modules can be modified according to the customers' needs and prerequisites.

Activity Setup

Custom workout setup

Clients can set their own custom exercise designs in the application and screen their execution. The exercise application can have the component of setting up custom movement get ready for the exercise. On the off chance that the client has his own insight into exercise and needs to do custom reiterations or custom set action for the exercise, he can set the application to show custom clock, distinctive arrangements of exercises and screen the exercise.

Fitness Activity Tracking

Track your workout & performance

The wellness application gives the clients a chance to track their exercise execution with the application and record the advance in the application. They can track remove, steps, calories and rest time taken amid the activity and so on. The exercise and wellness application get every one of the highlights required for the strong execution of the mobile application. We can incorporate all the essential highlights required for the workout mobile application.

Record Workout

Record Workout

Our mobile application development has moved beyond feature development. We complete a profound end-client examine and build up an application that sticks with clients, unravels their problems. This app have feature to record your workout time, the time tracker is in built functionality. You can track your exercise time with this feature; you can start time any time and can stop whenever you finished up.

Nutrition Diet

Diet & nutrition apps

The diet and nutrition application can demonstrate different food diet gets ready for various weight gatherings, age gatherings, body types and so on. This would all be able to be set into the application and each client can peruse distinctive sorts of diet designs they can get. We have web and mobile application designers who can incorporate custom modules into the application task of your organization. Exercise applications are hand crafted according to the teachers' prerequisites and rules.

Instruction Guide

Instruction Guide Gifs

The day by day exercise applications and sites show different gif pictures for clients to see the trainer’s manual for the exercise. They can see the system and technique utilized for the exercise. The trainer manages plays with the timer implanted in to the application. It provides assistance in following the system that the client is utilizing and corrects any errors. We give healthcare mobile application development that is exceptional and all the vital highlights are incorporated by us.

Set Reminder

Set reminders for workout

Clients can set updates amid rest time in an exercise and track their exercise rest taken. They can set updates for mealtime and diet designs. it provide help in compelling exercise and recuperation. We can incorporate this component with the mobile workout application for clients to help themselves to remember the exercises. They can set brilliant updates, day by day updates, and interim updates in the application.

Calender Setting

Plan & schedule workout

We can incorporate different date-book APIs like Google date-book in the application for clients to set next exercise target movement, keep record of achievement day shrewd and set updates for up and coming days. Logbook API gives the clients a chance to check the exercise cycle.

Countdown Timer

Stopwatch integration

The commencement clock is utilized for keeping the period with the application. It provides help in following the time taken for an exercise action. Clients will finish the exercise in the given time allotment by the application. We can coordinate this element into the exercise mobile application.

Play/Pause Feature

Pause a workout

Amid an exercise movement showed on the mobile, clients can stop or delay the application to indicate different edges of the body position amid the exercise. These aides in understanding the system better and the clients can see every one of the techniques said in the application. Play/Pause highlight gives the client a chance to keep up the speed of the exercise. We can incorporate this component into the workout mobile application.

History Of Activities

Workout statistics & records

We can incorporate the exercise measurements include for clients to track their execution in the earlier month or week. It helps in enhancing the exercise method and procedure utilized by the client. They can set notes and comments for every exercise that will help them in recalling the last down execution and the missteps made amid the exercise. We have incorporated this element in the past in one of the customers' application.