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APPTech provides Social Networking App Development for Charity which lets the users communicate and help needy people who are seeking the various types of help like food, medicines and clothes etc. A Charity Networking App for people to connect and provide help to the poverty-stricken people. Users can create groups and chat with people to contribute in helping others. Care management App Development is a forte of Android Developers and iOS Developers at APPTech. They have high proficiency in creating an app with utmost usage for Social Networking. The Android and iOS platforms are the biggest market for these kind of apps. Users love these kinds of apps through which they can donate or provide help.

Amazing Features

People can feed a refugee family, poor People and provide them utmost care with mutual contributions.

Act of Unity

United everyone can help those in need and also provide services to the homeless.

Act of Cleanliness

Social responsibility of each citizen that drives them towards finishing the poverty and hunger.

Act of Help

Help towards the elderly and those in need.

Act of Charity

Charitable courses of actions that let the capable provide help.

Against Starving

Any action that helps alleviates starving.

Act of Goodwill

Kindness can be as simple as a smile,a thank-you or a word of encouragement that can build goodwill.

Best Charity Apps

Charity Social media application development

Developers at APPTech Mobile can create a social network app with the help of latest technologies used in Android and iOS development. The developers are proficient in charity app development for social networking. For WeAid, our developers had to modify their original idea to create the app on Android and iOS platforms. The client specific requirements needed the developers to make a app which could let them connect with the other users and help a poor man when they find one. People can take up their social responsibilities towards the development of their cities and help in contributing towards the management. Users could report an incident and also make everyone aware.

The developers understood the framework of the idea and started the social media app development process to create a social network like the client needed. There are many people able and willing to help the society in a better way by providing the care to the poor. This app lets these people connect and contribute towards helping the needy.


Apps like Charity Miles

Create a charity social network for iOS and Android

Clients can receive a social platform which is robust and unique in their own way. We map the whole idea and take every aspect which requires special attention then create a prototype which relates to clients’ idea. Hire Charity App Developers who are adept with the latest technological frameworks used in Android and iOS. Our aim was to complete the project within the specified time, so we divided the project into specific parts and created a robust application. Our developers are always ready for a challengeable project which requires innovation and special attention. We offer Android and iOS application development to charitable organizations.

We have a team of developers which can provide you with a responsive and fast charity app for Android and iOS platforms. Our developers can create a social networking app which will help users stay connected to make changes in the society. Whenever a needful person with the requirement for clothes or food comes in the eye of users, they can make a donation with contribution.

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It's a way of connecting, even if only for a brief moment.