Major difference between Drupal WordPress and Joomla

When we go for website development, it's easy to get it developed. But the trouble is to pick the right platformfor the website to be built. Today we all know that content plays an imperative component to generate the traffic and to gain visitors for a website. Keeping in mind these two advantages of content management, we can enhance the quality of content by using content management system (CMS).

Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla are three most prominent open source CMSs. Each of the three CMS systems are based on PHP and MySQL, although all three have some similarities but there are some differences in features, technologies, and adaptability. The dilemma before us is to pick the best one out of these three. This article will help you in picking the correct CMS for your website.

DRUPAL- Web designers have been using Drupal CMS for website development for quite a long time. In Drupal, some intricate functionalities are included, making it less difficult & most powerful CMS platform. Drupal is technically advanced among these three CMS platforms. Building a website blog with advance highlights is conceivable, you can go with Drupal for any kind of site you need to develop, it fits for all type of needs.

Drupal is advantageous, without any modifications. It is extremely proficient to use Drupal for sites that have massive content. Drupal gives solid design and integration to different applications also, which is the basic requirement of all enterprises. Drupal has the capability to handle numerous user queries simultaneously with flexibility and smoothness. User-friendly and search engine friendly Drupal helps in generating more traffic for any website. One best advantage of this platform is security; it gives full security to your data and great speed to access. If you want to do your business marketing through content then it is the best choice to use Drupal CMS as a platform.

WORDPRESS- Another most prevalent CMS platform is WordPress, almost millions of websites are built using this platform. Like Drupal, it is also based on PHP & MySQL. It stands out amongst the most used blogging platforms across the world. It is originally designed for blogging purpose but now it is totally converted into content management system CMS. It’s very easy to use this flexible CMS platform and the only disadvantage is security because it is always a hacker’s target. We can integrate videos, audios, images, and text in website design through WordPress platform.

Being an open source CMS, it provides a number of themes and plug-ins free, the user can switch themes anytime very easily. The theme provides you the facility to improve the appearance of your Website & Blog and plug-in give you the facility to add a number of advanced features.
WordPress is more search engine friendly than other two. No technical expertise is needed to use WordPress, almost everyone can use it with ease. WordPress also has features like link management, different text styles, & supports post tagging.

JOOMLA- Like Drupal and WordPress, Joomla is also most popular open source CMS platform written in PHP, it also supports MySQL. Like WordPress, Joomla is not that simple, it is somewhat difficult for beginners to understand. It is not as technical as Drupal. It comes in between WordPress and Drupal when the matter of difficulty level is discussed. Joomla has more community and developers support like Drupal. Joomla is second most used CMS platform after WordPress.

Joomla gives the facility to select the language according to choice, it handles multilingual sites. In the security factor, Joomla is same as WordPress, but it has some backup extension that can ensure more security of the site. Joomla is best for e-commerce and social networking sites, but it requires knowledge of some basic technical skills. Joomla provides support feature that provides solutions for any kind of problem. Joomla needs some extra effort to become search engine friendly as WordPress.


To conclude, choosing a platform totally depends on the structure and type of your organization. If you are looking for Ecommerce website development, Drupal is definitely the best option among others. If you are looking for CMS development, then Joomla would be the right choice. And for a better blogging platform, WordPress is the best.
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WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal: Full CMS Comparison and Review 2017