Introduction to some popular Hybrid mobile app development Tools

There are many advantages that come with hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid mobile apps use the skill most developers already possess and it only requires one version of your app which will run on any user’s device anywhere at any time.

It’s also important to notice that the process of coding a hybrid app is very fast, less costly and very easy. If you are dealing with similar apps this comes in handy.

The process of hybrid mobile app development involves packaging an app’s HTML and CSS codes within a native container that will have the ability to run on any OS and device without lots of modification. All this is possible due to high powered frameworks.

hybrid app development

Similar to web programming hybrid frameworks leverage these techniques with a range of codes, components and integration with frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular JS, and APIs that will boost the power of the code.

The new generation of hybrid mobile app frameworks has the solution to many problems that existed in the previous generation of hybrid mobile app frameworks.

These problems include usability, access to device APIs, updating SDKs and more. If a user chooses one of these technologies he or she will end up with a better quality hybrid app with many features and it will be less painful.

The following are a few top hybrid tools



PhoneGap is a hybrid app mobile framework which is distributed by Cordova. This hybrid app mobile framework allows its users to compile and deploy apps on many available platforms. When hybrid apps are developed with this framework, users can use the power of Cordova’s plugin. This allows the hybrid framework to connect apps to native APIs like your phone’s GPS, camera, notifications and many more.

Ionic and Onsen also use Cordova to compile their HTML and JavaScript app code into an SDK format. There are both a free and paid plans that offer its users with increased data and more plugins.



The ionic framework is an HTML5 type hybrid framework that has the benefits of already added Angular JS components. Ionic is free and open source hybrid framework. All the components of this hybrid framework like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS have been optimized for the mobile.

This framework comes with frequent updates including a built-in support for material design and Google’s design standard for apps. Ionic uses the Cordova JavaScript APIs like many other frameworks.


sencha touch

The main objective of the hybrid app programming is to make the app feel as close to native as possible. This goal is achieved by Sencha Touch 2 with HTML5 based technologies and tools. Sencha Touch 2 has a very responsive user interface (UI).

Sencha Touch 2 is a good choice for enterprise-grade apps. Sencha’s great documentation ability helps in building more complex applications. It is also important to note that the difficulty of using this hybrid framework will increase along with the complex nature of the app that you are using.

Most Popular Hybrid Tools