IOS 11 Vs Android O


IOS 11 with Apple's mysterious and progressive new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 or more and iPhone X gadgets now official, here the most developed, lovely and astonishing programming IOS 11 released. At whatever point we see another mobile OS release, at that time an inquiry comes to mind, which one is best for the IOS and Android OS?

With both the significant producer OS creators, Apple and Android, making the cutting edge for well known IOS and Android individually, this is most energizing for lovers, sitting tight for the software updates.

Compatibility of Android O Beta

It can run on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Pixel device also can be installed O beta on their device. Sometimes the number of applications may not be compatible with the Android O beat. In android O Beta, you need to sign up for Google account.

Compatibility of IOS 11

During the installation process the IOS 11 on your device, you need to accept the Apple beta software Program setup. IOS app development is still possible for devices other than those, although apps may lack support for APIs introduced with IOS 11.

  • IOS 11 Features

1. Lock Screen

The Lock Screen and the Notification have been merged into a single feature in IOS 11. In IOS 11 the lock screen will come down instead of a separate Notification Centre Window. Recent notification can be accessed by the second upward swipe and missed notifications will be prominently displayed.

2. Drag and Drop

In IOS 11 the amazing feature is provided as you can Select a piece of text in your browser, drag it out and press the home button then open the Note app then drop the text in it. Earlier iPhones do not have copy paste Functionality.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

 IOS 11 introduces ARKIT it allows the developer to easily build unparalleled AR experience. Android phones have inferior hardware to support AR natively, which make apple better contender with the ARKIT.

4. What’s New With the Siri

Siri has updated with more realistic male and female voices. This is new accessibility option in setting app; you can turn on your Siri queries in spite of speaking aloud. It can translate between two languages and sounds natural.

5. New file app

It includes cloud and number of storage services; like Dropbox and one Google drive.

6. Dock

In the Apple OS, the dock is a user-customizable row of function or application icons. It appears on the computer desktop so it can be founded by the user easily. It can select them off quickly. A dock can able to hold 13 apps.

1. Picture-in-Picture for cell phones

In YouTube or Android, when you move far from viewing a video without leaving the app, the video will continue to play there unless you drag it off or play another video. Google enables users to continue playing video, even you leave the application.

2. Adaptive icons

Android app developer can decide the shape of the icon, they can make icon round, square, curved edge, whatever shape they desired to make.

3. Better Notification and Dots

Getting too many Notifications it can be minimized to the latest Android version. By getting too many notifications it can be grouped by one category. It can avoid clutter on the phone when a group of notification comes through at once.

4. WIFI Connection

It permits hardware and application to work together even after without internet connection. This feature will make surround more united and interaction between the users will be promoted.

IOS 11 Vs Android O, Still there is Race?