How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Technology

The need of a mobile app for own business comes particularly when you are going to put your business on online mobile platform or if you get some new idea. After deciding on the best options available and choosing the right one, comes the question of choosing the best web developer. If you find a good developer, then again one question will arise before you is that which technology you should use for mobile app development. According to your business requirement, you have to select one particular technology out of many, which is suitable for your needs.

There are mainly three types of app technologies that have been discussed below:

Native App- As the name depicts its meaning, the Native app is specifically designed for a particular platform. It is either on iOS platform developed by Apple, or Android platform developed by Google, windows or blackberry operating system. Whenever you think about app development, Native will cross your mind because Native app intends to create the best user experience as it projects the User friendliness and accessibility.

Native app very efficiently uses all the available features like camera, GPS, contacts, gallery and so on. Thus, Native App is very much user-friendly and easily accessible app. The only disadvantage is, when we have a requirement to use this app for a platform its not made for, then the whole programming has to be changed. Like for iOS platform, the code is written in objective- C language that is a little bit difficult than others. Likewise, Java language is for Android phones, which is more common and not much difficult, and for windows phone it is C#.

Mobile Web App- The Mobile Web App is not really an App, it is website made responsively for mobiles. It looks like Native app but it is not developed as Native app. Web app features functions like web browsing on mobile. Web app development enables the access on multiplatform like iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

The web app has two categories,

  1. Responsive websites- When used in mobile devices, it changes the resolution according to the screen size.
  2. Adaptive websites- Like responsive designs, it gives several distinct layouts for multiple screen sizes.

Mobile web app can be used on any platform, web app doesn’t use hardware in a device or can’t be sold in play store or app store. The only disadvantage is mobile web app can’t use all available mobile features and may be costly due to the development of feature like supporting multiple platforms.

Hybrid App- Hybrid app is the combination of native app and web apps. The Hybrid App can be installed from the Play store or App Store and can be accessed on any platform like the Native app and can also be accessed only using web browsing like web apps. Hybrid apps are usually written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 thus easy to develop and cost effective also. The Hybrid App allows cross-platform development also. This can use all features from your device. Some hybrid apps examples are Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.

Hybrid apps are slow, not reliable, can’t perform like Native apps. Hybrid apps are not easy to maintain. The apps Connectivity can be online and offline both.The most important advantage of the hybrid app is developers can use the existing skill in web development so no need to hire different developers if they already having expertise in CSS, HTML. Hybrid app always builds like a wrapper to the web page thus there is a double benefit in using hybrid app technology.

After discussing all three app technologies, we can say Native app technology is good, but it only depends on your app requirement to choose the best suitable app technology that fits your needs. Native app is costly because to build different codes for all platform somewhat time-consuming. If you want to distribute app via play store or app store then native and hybrid app technologies are suitable. If you want to target all type of mobile platform then hybrid and web app technologies are suitable. Some organizations want to build all three type of apps, so it totally depends on your business needs.

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Native vs Hybrid vs Mobile Web App