Enterprise App Development has Evolved

Enterprise App Development has Evolved

It is mid-2017, and enterprises had already reached a profound level in the web app development market in 2016. Whereas now, as some of us are aware that the evolution of mobile and web app development for enterprises has taken place as the users are now receiving fully functional apps smoothness and efficiency. Well, this was not the case some time ago, when the industries were still struggling to attract a consumer base through mobile platforms.

Now, even the biggies like Android and iOS have updated their frameworks for app development a lot by providing a group of new functionality features for mobile apps. And this has led to a transformation in the changes that enterprises are now applying towards getting their applications developed.

1. Companies have become more Security-Oriented

This digital era has offered a lot to the companies and also has harmed some. Many cyber attacks have made some companies suffer in a very big way. Some of them were already prepared and had secured themselves, but some companies have got real losses. Following the examples of last and famous data breach, the enterprises have started giving data security the importance it deserves.

While getting any kind of web application developed for an enterprise, they must regulate security feature along each step as it makes the authentication, confidentiality and access control more secure and controllable. The developers now have started attending security aspects like they should by closing the security gaps like cross-site scripting, SQL injection etc.

Looking at the mobile app security functions, the developers have become serious about security for enterprises needing data encryption, domain control, privacy features etc. User-friendliness has gained importance for enterprises looking to create an autonomous mobile app that has smooth functionality and zero security vulnerabilities.

2. Responsiveness in Design is now Mandatory

Back till 2014 to 2016, Microsoft Windows was still the most used web operating system, which meant that people were still using computer devices for using the internet. And getting a responsive website built was like getting something that is not required but wanted. But in 2017, Android has become the most used OS for web browsing beating Windows. This implicates that people are using the web on mobile and tablet devices more than computing devices. So now, a responsive website for the enterprise is more than a need, it is now a requirement.

Now, even Google takes responsiveness of a website as one of the main factors determining the page rank of Google search results. The responsiveness of the website creates a great user experience and a good brand image for the company. And in order to create an extensive competitive edge, the companies are moving towards responsive and adaptive mobile web applications.

3. Enterprises adopting Hybrid app technologies

Hybrid app is the combination of native app and web apps written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 allowing cross-platform development. The need for Hybrid apps started increasing since its very inception, it allows multi-functionality for multiple platforms across all devices. Hybrid app is the ultimate solution for all enterprise requirements as it has all the main technology features included in it. And with a visible rapid growth in the user base for Smartphone and web platforms, developers are applying new techniques to build robust applications.

Demand for Hybrid enterprise applications has increased exponentially in 2017 because of its smooth functionalities and great user experience. With increased productivity of mobile app usage, Hybrid app technology has become the most preferred form for eEnterprise app development.

4. Cloud Data storage Adaption for Web and Mobile

The cloud data storage gives unvarying user experience and easy access to real-time data for devices across all platforms. With increased usage of email services, storage security is one of the main concerns that are considered while developing a new app for enterprise. Data like the personal information, contacts, chat messages, account information etc are some of the factors that have made cloud storage a requirement for every mobile app.

With increasing number of cloud service providers, users now have multiple options they can choose from to use the most secure cloud service. Cloud storage integration with mobile apps has become quite easily accessible. Enterprises are now gaining some user base by adopting cloud data storage.

5. Timely Project completion

The number of IT players is now increasing day by day, and so the competition among them has increased a lot. Enterprises now have to bear complexity in finding the right company that can provide the right kind of services and web software that they require. Substandard strategies are being used by IT companies to attract clients. So it has rather become quite hard to find that right company for your enterprise.

To overcome this, the current companies have been providing timely completion of clients’ projects. They are now more clients centric towards satisfying them with the right service they need. With this increased competition, Enterprises actually have the advantage to choose the right IT Company with highly appraised services.

Major Changes in Enterprise App Development