Cross Platform App Development Technologies

Cross-platform development is the process to build apps with the use of single code that is compatible with all types of operating systems like ios, android, windows phone, and blackberry. Now a day variety of mobile platforms are going popular and it is difficult to find a way to develop apps that operate on all platforms. So the development of multi-platform apps with code reuse is important to save the time and efforts. The mainly used operating systems are ios and android at present. It is difficult to find out with which platform app development is efficient android or iOS thus we came up with multi-platform development and that is called cross-platform app development. Cross-platform has number of tools like


PhoneGap is an open source and free software framework developed by Adobe used for developing mobile apps.  It is used to develop apps that or compatible with all platforms like iOS, android, windows phone, and blackberry. To develop an app with PhoneGap no need to have the knowledge of mobile app development programming languages, only web development languages needed like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Cross-platform mobile app development tool developed in 2011, used to develop platform-specific C# code. Developers use C# to write a single code for all operating systems. C# is similar to Java programming language that is not too much difficult to use since developers have a great understanding to develop applications with it and also it is easy to learn. This reduces time and cost of mobile app development.


Appcelerator is a Cross-platform mobile app development software framework developed using javascript. It also uses rapid application development tool thus it takes less time and efforts to develop the app solutions. Regardless of native or cross-platform development, it provides a flexible way to write the code.


Sencha is a JavaScript framework to develop cross-platform web applications. It provides simplified development work and high-performance user experience for mobile devices. It is used as a standard tool to boost developer’s productivity and to enhance application performance. It is capable of building large business applications and maintains them.


Kony is also a JavaScript framework to develop native cross-platform applications. It allows deploying as a native app, web app or hybrid app. Kony has features like automatic coding, app preview, automatic bug checking feature etc. it provides some inbuilt apps that can be used as a starter.


Convertigo is an open source mobile application development platform provides enterprises to develop and run cross-platform mobile applications. It allows connecting to enterprise data with a variety of connectors like SQL database or web service. It provides automatic mobile applications update on user’s device.

Native script

A native script is an open source cross-platform framework to develop native mobile applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The native script supports angular js framework. You can easily reuse the plug-ins to ease the development and to increase the features of applications.


SAP is the oldest cross-platform tool used for mobile app development. App developers mostly use this framework because it simplifies things to the user; it builds up the apps with the use of the only HTML. It makes development quicker and easier.

Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is a cross-platform tool mainly used to develop the apps for business purpose. It uses JavaScript and HTML, helps to manage company complete end to end process of development.


Corona is also a cross-platform framework, mostly used for games and 2D graphics development. It makes development speed faster than it would take to develop from scratch.

Cross Platform Tools Review for 2017