Best JavaScript Frameworks

What is a Backend framework?

A web application is made up of two frameworks that are frontend framework and backend framework. The frontend framework is for the layout and the design of the website whereas, the backend framework enables all the functions required for smooth functioning of frontend application. For the aesthetics and flawless integration of the web application, it requires database management system, client-server engagement system, input & output management etc. Backend framework is all inclusive of server, application, and database systems for a web application.

Backend code is run on the server and the user entries & inputs are entered into a large server that is located somewhere which manages all the entries and gives outputs to the client-side web application. The servers are equipped with a large database that stores all the information. The major backend frameworks used today are JavaScript, Python, Rust, PHP and Swift. JavaScript has become the pioneer in this segment providing multiple options for developers which have extensive usability features for backend management.

What is JavaScript Framework?

JavaScript is an object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming language used for programming the behavior of web applications. JavaScript is a dynamic, functional, delegative and prototype-based framework that provides Universal support to its widest community that uses its framework.

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JavaScript has provided some of the best backend frameworks for web artisans globally. The JavaScript backend frameworks are as follows:

1. Vue.JS -

Vue.JS (or Vue) is an open-source avant-garde framework which is cumulatively adoptable for building user interfaces and projects that require the use of other JavaScript library. Vue focuses on view layer single-page applications that can be built on other libraries when coupled with modern tools.

Vue was mainly built to simplify web UI development (components, declarative UI etc.). Vue gives different features such as Declarative Rendering, Composing with Components, Handling User Input, and Conditionals & Loops etc. that can be used in existing pages for user interfaces.

2. Phantom.JS

Phantom.JS is a scripted and headless browser used for automating web page interaction; or if simply put, a web browser without a graphical user interface. Phantom.JS is a headless WebKit scriptable as it provides a JavaScript API and this makes the browser useful.

Phantom.JS is free and open source software that provides automated navigation, screenshots, user behavior and assertions. It has fast and native support for various web standards: DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG.

3. Meteor.JS

Meteor, or Meteor.JS, is a free and open-source JavaScript web framework allowing building real-time web applications and cross-platform applications for mobile and the web with rapid prototyping. Meteor.JS has the flexibility that can quickly build something impressive and useful.

Meteor has a large community of developers who provide constant support and maintenance. With Meteor, developers do not need to write additional synchronization code. It is a simple environment that uses Distributed Data Protocol for building modern web applications for mobile and desktop devices.

4. Node.JS

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript framework built on Google Chrome's JavaScript V8 Engine designed to create scalable network applications. It is used to build video streaming sites, single-page applications and other event-driven, non-blocking I/O bound web applications.

Node.js' package ecosystem provides developer options like Content Management Tools, Mobile App Development, Plug-ins Development, Ecommerce, shopping cart development, Web APIs and CMS, Backend Dashboards Development, Large Web Applications, and AJAX Development etc.

5. Express.JS

Express.js is a JavaScript back-end framework built to create complete web applications and APIs quickly with minimum development efforts. Express.js is open-source software which is free to develop and it doesn’t follow the usual MVC model. Express.JS is a minimal and flexible rapid web application framework that offers a robust set of features to develop the web and mobile applications and APIs. It has minimal functionality compared to Meteor.JS.


The number of developers in each development framework is increasing day by day, and the use of the right platform for the right kind of project is still a hard choice to make. JavaScript framework is an essential framework for robust UI development for large and small sized industries. The project size and its requirements let the developer decide the framework to be used.

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